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Watch sustainable creativity unfold with ESKA Bicolours and ESKA Brown


Pure luxury


It’s the pinnacle of packaging excellence: the benchmark of brilliance, the epicentre of eccentricity and the soul of sustainability. Where the most wondrous minds meet, ideas circulate and the luxury and beauty market celebrate all things genius: Premiere Packaging, Milan 24-26 May 2022.

Prepare to be astounded.

Pure creativity

ESKA, once more, will take centre stage. Every year, we declare the glass ceiling smashed by our latest creations. And yet always, our love and passion for unique and bespoke packaging forever goes one better: pushing what’s possible, rewriting rules, unleashing the genie.

Prepare to drop one’s jaw.


OVARO-Invitation-2200×1630 OVARO-Invitation-2200×1630

Pure genius

This year, our piece de resistance comes in the shape of ESKA Bicolours solid board. And it really is nothing short of amazing, a double shot of shelf worth, a dream duo of high-end elegance.

We know colour is King. So imagine the endless possibilities of intense coloured core surrounded by not one, but TWO different coloured liners, interchangeable, interesting and utterly inspiring.

The board boasts perfect rigidity, regardless of thickness – thanks to our revolutionary ‘lay flat, stay flat’ technology. Add to that, infinite printing, shaping and cutting variations, excellent finishing options: embossing, silk-screening, hot stamping…. and the cherry on top…

ESKA Bicolours is made mostly from recycled and recyclable paper – so it’s sits squarely and beautifully into the circular economy!

And that’s not all… Prepare to be wowed!

Excellent ideas must be executed with exactly the same precision, passion and pioneering spirit that ESKA applies to its premium board. So, ESKA meets Marceli Printery – now part and parcel of the ESKA product experience.

Bridging the gap between client, designer and printer, Marceli’s Marcin Dudziak excelled in our brief to interpret sharp edge boxes with ESKA Bicolours. An original thinker, photographer, movie director and printshop owner in his own right, inspired by traditional printing techniques with a contemporary edge, and an eye for the finest detail, we were all ears. Along with his team of designers, engineers, and machinists who not only design, but also produce and manufacture boxes in-house.

The trick was to take into account how to best showcase, not just the luxury end product, but also our unique product. Marceli utilised along with the entire Eska Colours range the new Bicolours benefit to full and fantastical effect. Combined with Marceli straight edge/cutting edge box making technique and almost limitless production system.

The result is breathtaking. Are you prepared?

Pure partnership

milan3 milan3

What’s more, in-keeping with world trends, the product itself is natural. In fact, you could say its cardboard gone commando! The exceptional eco-design boxes present the board in its rustic, raw state: the infinitely sharp edges contrast with delightfully rounded cuts, and the quality of the finish is synonymous with luxury.
The scope for such customised cuts, in addition to a host of decorative techniques like hot foil, embossing and screen printing to highlight the uniqueness of the product and flaunt the brand design with a 100% ecological solution (folding and solvent-free glues) – leaves little to do but stand in awe.

“We just don’t do ordinary. With an in-house object and concept design studio and sheer production capacity, we have the know-how and the can-do to cut through with pure originality, staying true to brand values while breaking through with innovative solutions.”

“ESKA Bicolours offers out-of-the-box possibilities that otherwise would require additional labour-intensive industrial processes – sheet-to-sheet lamination. We’re so excited to work with ESKA. This new product is simply beautiful.”

Pure professionalism


ESKA-Tableau Bcorp-2200×1630 ESKA-Tableau Bcorp-2200×1630

At ESKA, sensational must also mean sustainable. Responsibility has always been at the very centre of our being. We’ve been recycling materials for more than 100 years and we embarked on the decarbonisation journey over 30 years ago. Respecting our environment has always been the secret to our long-lasting success.

So we’re bursting with pride (and of course, vibrant colour) at being the only premium cardboard company on the planet to be awarded the prestigious B corp certification status. You could say, we offer board with a capital B (corp).

Pure sustainability

milan2 milan2

Also nodding to nature is our new ESKA BROWN, a bona fide circular economy flag bearer that we just catapulted into the eco-friendly world. Made from 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable materials, this 3-layered board is built to withstand the toughest types of transformation. Once again, the ‘lay flat, stay flat’ technology guarantees pure rigidity and complete protection of the product.
Available in this season’s solid-coloured brown it will enhance any brand’s sustainable character. With raw texture and vibrant colour, it’s an authentic eco-choice.

Pure and simple.

Pure eco-friendly cardboard


Still craving inspiration? Zoom in on our ESKA Gallery. Indulge in a plethora of creative permutations. Discover smart ideas to make brands pop. And let us present to you, the many printing and finishing trends that offer brands, agencies and retailers a delectable range of standout sustainable solutions.

Our board instantly gives brands authenticity, integrity and originality. As Architects of Identity Materials since 1879 there’s no stronger illustration of how quality, creativity and sustainability can work together – for the better.


Pure inspiration


23 Jun 2021
Visuel BCORP – 1-03

Board with a capital B-Corp

22 Mar 2021

Why ESKA Colours mean more

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