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Identity Materials

We help you makea huge first impression

The clue is in the name. Identity materials. It’s all about your brand. Your company. Your reputation. How you’re presented represents you.

We produce a wide range of packaging solutions, suitable for various applications, and we’re always open to new ideas on creating something beautifully unique. Just for you.

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CORR_RECTANGLE Balvenie 2000px

Recycled, solid coloured and triple layered

Our 3-layer solid coloured board with its intense, bright colours creates beautifully finished luxury packaging - perfect for inserts, displays and high-end stationery products.

Eska colours

All kinds of boardsfor all kinds of projects

Browse our Eska boards by application and colour

Eska boards

Our packaging comes with a conscience

It’s especially stunning when it’s sustainable. Since 1879 we’ve used only recycled materials.

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