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Visit our Virtual Gallery. And be inspired.


As purveyors of outstanding premium packaging for world-leading luxury brands, we invite you into our exquisite ESKA Colours exhibition.

Stop. Stare. Engage. Glare. Tilt your head. This way. Then that. Study all angles. Get up close. Stand back. Scrutinise and familiarise. Let each piece speak to you. Connect with you.

Works of art: art that works

Striking design is at the heart of art. View a kaleidoscope of colours; striking and stimulating, rich and unforgiving, drenched in the purest quality and saturated in sophistication. Piercing blues, vibrant yellows, roaring reds, intense greens and opulent orange… making our colour wheel a work of art in itself. ESKA Colours stands the test of time – making brands positively pop.

Appreciation and contemplation

Every day, we display our inspiring artwork all over the commercial world. ESKA’s world-leading solid board boasts the brightest, most intense colours with infinite printing, shaping and cutting possibilities – why, every piece is simply frame-worthy.

Journey through our wonderful, beautiful, portfolio of colour and discover the perfect packaging partner for your premium product.

Welcome to a world of ESKA colours

R-ESKA suite -16 R-ESKA suite -16

The eco-world is watching. And sustainability is the name of the game. For over 140 years we’ve been leading the way in making our materials the most environmentally friendly they can be. Our solid board is built on solid ethics.

*Featured: Eska Green, Eska Orange, Eska Red

Sustainability is the name of the game

R-ESKA suite -13 R-ESKA suite -13

Art insists on an open-mind. With ESKA, the sky’s the limit. We’ll always push boundaries, go beyond the pale, and strive for the extraordinary. We don’t do mediocre. We’re bold. Vibrant. Intense. And we dream big, just like you.

*Featured: Eska Blue, Eska Azur, Eska Green, Eska Yellow

We’re bold. Vibrant. Intense.

R-ESKA suite -07 R-ESKA suite -07

ESKA Colours fuses richness with rigidity. Add die-cut precision and you’ve got a finish that’s simply out of this world. If you demand originality, exclusivity and purity, you’ve come to the right place.

*Featured: Eska Blue, Eska Yellow

Simply out of this world

R-ESKA red carpet -01 R-ESKA red carpet -01

All our clients get the VIP treatment. Whether you’re a dab hand at the luxury market or you’re about to make your exclusive debut, ESKA Red 3-layered solid coloured board will give your brand the premier position it demands.

*Featured: Eska Red, Eska Azur

Get the VIP treatment

Whatever hue you have in mind, we’ve got it down to a fine art. We use recycled and triple layered solid board that outshines all other boards. Perfect for your brand, perfect in colour, perfect for your customers. So everyone’s happy!

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What colour comes to mind when you think of your brand?

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