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All aboard our 140-year success story

Dedicated to your brand

ESKA is the brand dedicated to highly aesthetic, high-performance and sustainable books, games and packaging solutions. Located in The Netherlands and with international subsidiaries, we are a trusted, renowned partner for many great brands in the world. We are convinced that packaging gives brands a texture identity. As architects of identity materials, we take a full spectrum view of the creation process, from producing to covering.


From recycled material to railway tickets to ruling the world

From two modest mills in Sappemeer and Hoogezand in the late 1800s, to the proud claim today – that every home in the world may house an Eska product!

Leading the way, way back when

We started recycling materials in 1934, due to a lack of straw. In 1971 we switched the entire business over to fully recyclable material. We’ve never looked back.

Picture perfect packaging

Tah dah!

Let Eska merge its expertise with yours to create a unique presentation for your brand – be it beauty or board games, hi-tech or haute couture.

We guarantee that the quality and craftsmanship of our product will perfectly match yours.

That’s because we’ve been commanding the attention of consumers for decades, delivering eye-catching, quality-driven and always sustainable books, games and packaging for various high quality brands in a variety of sectors.

From initial brief to a phenomenal finish, we’ve got it all covered.

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To be the best, we never rest— ever

Since Eska’s foundation, we’ve always been aiming for excellence,renewing our process, in pursuit of perfection.


This is simply because we know there’s always a better path, new routes to explore. Improvement is a way for us to achieve our ambition, as we want to give the world the materials and the shapes of tomorrow, in the most beautiful way.


We imagine, invent, and produce amazing packing textures.


We are creators of experiences and everything we craft has a volume, a touch, a special texture, that we believe feels great.


Not just good, great.


Because it is a noble and beautifully crafted material, pure and sustainable.


We approach innovators and creators who dare to move things forward. People who like change: the inventors of tomorrow. We position ourselves as close partners of these people and try to inspire them every day. So this is very simply who we are, from producing to imagining the touch identities of tomorrow:


We have been architects of identity materials since 1879

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What’s in a name?

After the Second World War, we became global supplier of the famous railway ticket board; an event that sparked the ESKA name. The ‘S’ and ‘K’ is short for Spoorkaartjes Karton, Dutch for railway tickets board.

We now operate from 5 countries, employ 450 staff and supply 250,000 tonnes of solid board to the world – every year.

You’ll find us here, there and everywhere.

We provide a range of boards for a range of markets.

Chances are you’ll have seen us in your very own home, in your office, shopping, at work or in your local toy or bookstore.

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We provide a range of boards for a range of markets.

Chances are you’ll have seen us in your very own home, in your office, shopping, at work or in your local toy or bookstore.

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A work in progress for more than a century

We go back a long way.

With all the know-how and experience we’ve gleaned over the decades, it’s fair to say we’ve learned a thing or two. Most importantly, we listen carefully to our customers, applying our comprehensive skills to beautifully and exquisitely compliment their unique brand.

Our history
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