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Our manifesto

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To be the best,
we never rest
— ever

Since Eska’s foundation, we’ve always been aiming for excellence,renewing our process, in pursuit of perfection.


This is simply because we know there’s always a better path, new routes to explore. Improvement is a way for us to achieve our ambition, as we want to give the world the materials and the shapes of tomorrow, in the most beautiful way.


We imagine, invent, and produce amazing packing textures.


We are creators of experiences and everything we craft has a volume, a touch, a special texture, that we believe feels great.


Not just good, great.


Because it is a noble and beautifully crafted material, pure and sustainable.


We approach innovators and creators who dare to move things forward. People who like change: the inventors of tomorrow. We position ourselves as close partners of these people and try to inspire them every day. So this is very simply who we are, from producing to imagining the touch identities of tomorrow:


We have been architects of identity materials since 1879

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