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Board with a capital B-Corp

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Benefits for all


We’re bursting with pride (and of course, vibrant colour) at being the only premium cardboard company – on the planet – to be awarded the prestigious B-Corp certification status.

So what exactly does it mean? It means ‘benefits for all’ – and that’s always a good thing.

B better

A little bit of B’ground on B Corp certification if we may: It all started in 2006 in America, (the ‘land of the B’ you could say). An ideology borne out of a monumental mission to bring together like-minded companies with the intent of building a more social, environmental and sustainable business model.

Basically, B Corp was designed to make businesses – do better. Proving that they’re not just the best in the world but also the best FOR the world.

ESKA-Box Eska Jeans-Article BCORP-2200x1630px ESKA-Box Eska Jeans-Article BCORP-2200x1630px

B proud

It was a tough screening process; for it’s not easy being B-Corp approved and joining the community. Every area of ESKA was scrutinized and analysed in relation to governance, working conditions, customer-relations, community focus and environmental impact.

We’re happy to say that ESKA passed the bar! And we’re ecstatic to now be part of this global movement using business as a force for good.

Being B Corp-certified means we’re doubling down on our commitment to taking accountability for the impact that our business has on people and on the planet.

Those who know us will know that we’re no strangers to sustainability. In fact, it’s been at the very heart of what we do since 1879; it’s quite literally what we’re made of. Take our ESKA Jeans phenomenon, made exclusively from recovered paper and recycled denim fibres; award winning and hard wearing it not only looks good but also does a whole heap of good. Try it for size here.

From our humble beginnings producing board from by-products of local farmers, to our current global position creating exceptional packaging and quality board for games, puzzles and stationery – we’ve come a long way.

B accountable

B responsible


We’ve been recycling materials for more than 100 years and we embarked on the decarbonisation journey over 30 years ago. It’s been clear to us from day one that respecting the environment is the secret to long-lasting success.

That’s why a Circular Economy has always sat front and centre of our business model.

So as circular innovations run through our very veins, our board gives brands of all kinds a touch of authenticity, integrity and originality. As Architects of Identity Materials since 1879 there’s no stronger illustration of how quality, creativity and sustainability can work together – for the better.

To give you a full flavour of what we offer – and what we stand for – take a gentle scroll through our exquisite ESKA Gallery right here, right now.

B inspired

B transparent


Our B Corp status further cements our intention to embrace this purpose-driven model: one where we openly commit to implementing changes in the daily running of five key areas of ESKA.

  • Further building on our cleaner climate commitment
  • Making even better use of water
  • How we add value to our materials
  • Improving employer attraction
  • Championing local anchorage

We have also created a dedicated sustainability governance structure, made up of both our board members and external advisors, who will hold us accountable to these objectives.

Crucially, rather than a shiny new accolade for us, this certification provides yet another stepping-stone in our journey towards an ever more socially and environmentally responsible model. We can use the framework, and the friendly nudge, to accelerate our process, faster.

B committed


ESKA-Gallery-2200x1630px ESKA-Gallery-2200x1630px

B true

Overall, our brilliant B Corp badge reflects our genuine commitment to deliver the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and governance.

It confirms our choices today and commits us to tomorrow; always going further, always questioning, always reinventing, always inspiring our clients and partners, and always working to make the world a better place – to B.

16 Oct 2020
ESKA-Box Eska Jeans-Article Image-4a

ESKA Jeans. Made from recycled denim fibres.

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