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ESKA Jeans. Made from recycled denim fibres.

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Who’d have thought? A premium book cover, a prized perfume box, an eco-friendly pack of business cards…all made from a pair of old jeans!

It’s fair to say that denim is probably the most hardworking material in the history of fabric. And it’s still working hard today, reinventing itself over and over again.

In fact, this huge fashion staple is now taking the sustainable packaging industry by storm – in the shape of ESKA Jeans, our new eco-responsible solid board.

Wears Extremely well


Let’s go back a bit.

From tough work wear for the Californian Gold Rush to the essential wardrobe for many Western movies, to the super-cool dress code of 50s movie icons, denim has always been a crucial identity material.

Denim is said to have originated in the French city of Nimes, hence the name  ‘de Nimes’ (denim).

Where better to look for some eco-inspiration?

The genes of jeans

ESKA-Box Eska Jeans-Article Image-3 ESKA-Box Eska Jeans-Article Image-3

ESKA’s Eureka

As pioneers of sustainable packaging for over 140 years, we constantly seek ways to bring brilliant environmental concepts to the luxury market, efficiently, cost-effectively, and exceptionally.

Recently a light-bulb moment landed: ESKA Jeans.

Like all great ideas, it now seems so simple: Helping luxury and fashion brands meet the challenges of the circular economy by transforming recycled denim fibres into hardwearing, original and authentic packaging.

Put simply, our award-winning ESKA Jeans solid board is a game changer.

Made from 100% cotton, denim is a completely natural, recyclable and circular product. It’s worth also lies in how denim is woven. A twill weaving technique with warp threads dyed indigo and weft threads remaining white is the secret to its distinctive look and sheer strength.

At ESKA, we also know a thing or two about techniques.

Our unique manufacturing process, with an enviable zero-waste philosophy, makes our ESKA Jeans solid board a must-have for any dedicated follower of eco-fashion.

Heavy duty with a moral duty


So how do we do it?

We take tiny denim fibres and mix with recycled paper and board fibres. Add water. And press. We also apply our signature concept: our Lay flat, stay flat technology, guaranteeing rigidity no matter the thickness of the board.

While it’s extremely hardwearing, it’s ever so easy to work with. Malleable and customisable, there are endless cutting and printing possibilities, so we can craft and create a bespoke solution for pretty much any project.

What’s more, as it’s mass coloured, with sharp clean edges and full-colour-grooves, we’re championing the paperless box – which gives us yet another string to our eco-bow.

Tailor-made for your brand

Just as no two pairs of jeans are the same, no two ESKA Jeans boards are the same. With us, it’s never a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each board is made from scratch, so it’s totally personal.

Depending on the fibres used, the texture and colour of your end product will be unique, original, with a look and feel all of its own.

Wrapping your brand in individuality as well as innovation.

Environmentally excellent

Our ultimate goal is to operate a zero waste facility, and we’re well on our way to achieving that. Our jean fibres come from a like-minded reputable Dutch partner to form ESKA Jeans. Any plastic from surplus recycled paper is converted into green energy on our site to help power our process. And that’s not all… the actions we are relentlessly pursuing in our decarbonisation strategy are yielding very positive results like: The reduction of our natural gas consumption by 20% per year; Annual savings of 700 000 liters fuel on transport; Or the use of only 4,5m3 of water per tonne of board which is well below the EU standard of 11m3.

It’s the cycle of sustainability. And at ESKA, we’re all over it.

Never before has eco-design been more in vogue. So when ESKA Jeans picked up an award and nominations in fashion capitals Paris, Milan and Monaco last year, we were thrilled.

Denim is the new green

ESKA Jeans: The perfect fit for your next project.

Product detail

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