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Luxe Pack Monaco: a blooming marvellous creation by ESKA, naturally.

At ESKA, we always seek creative solutions designed to bring extra zing and added pizzazz to premium packaging: ways to make products pop, luxury leap off the page and boost brands so they truly blossom.

So we’ve come up with a clever little piece of cardboard that offers even more creativity and adaptability – while ticking every single sustainability box.

Visit us, at the world’s largest, most pivotal and inspirational packaging playground:

3rd- 5th October 2022
Grimaldi Forum

…Where we will present our brand new gallery. The centrepiece will be our unique ESKA BICOLOURS solid board. We’ll showcase how a simple, smart idea can be an innovator, an accelerator and a game changer for brands, elevating sales, maximising growth and creating a buzz around your brand.

In a word, it’s a must for anyone in the Luxe Pack industry.

A burst of intense
colour, naturally

For a moment, let’s go back to brilliant basics.

Where would we be without colour in our lives?

At ESKA, we believe it makes the days brighter, the sun shinier and life lovelier. Now more than ever, we want to inspire and excite consumers, cleverly combining identity material and colour.

Our premium recycled and mass coloured solid board promises a vibrant, intense edge, evoking individuality, and inspiring complete confidence – all in a truly eco-responsible way.

After all, luxury is daring isn’t it?

Just imagine what ESKA COLOURS could do for your brand.


VISUEL ARTICLE-1-1400x744px VISUEL ARTICLE-1-1400x744px


Not content with perfecting the vibrancy, intensity and quality of ESKA COLOURS, with its unique texture and infinite printing, shaping and cutting possibilities, we’ve gone even further – infinite further to be precise.


Want infinite ideas, the solutions and the creative scope? This three-layer-thick, new board on the block has an intense coloured core surrounded by TWO different coloured liners, which are, wait for it…. Interchangeable!

Resulting in one smart solid board.

We’d love you to come along to Luxe Pack and see it, touch it, bend it, flip it back and forth, smell it, hold it up to the light… and get your hands on the endless possibilities that will abound with ESKA BICOLOURS.

Whatever thickness you decide upon, this solid board will stay firmly in place thanks to its original “lay flat-stay flat” technology.

It can be embossed, de-bossed, hot-stamped, silk-screened, die cut…
Making it positively perfect for beauty, drinks or fashion boxes, inserts
or displays items.

Get ready to be inspired and unleash your big ideas!

You’ll want to see it for yourself

It’s even got a built-in conscience. Made from recycled paper, it is recyclable, so it fits responsibly and beautifully into the circular economy.

Vibrant and versatile, sturdy and sustainable… What’s not to love?

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Sits squarely within the circular economy, naturally


Unknown-9 Unknown-9

To fully demonstrate what’s possible with ESKA BICOLOURS, we partnered with the prestigious Marceli Printery: purveyors extraordinaire of sharp edge box design, to test both our product and their printing prowess to the absolute limit.

Two cutting edge companies – both daring to be different within the luxury market, both willing to take design to the next level and both leading experts in their industry.

The result was stunning, sensational and utterly inspirational.

Immerse yourself in pure luxury packaging excellence and see just what can happen when one or two think outside the box.

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An explosion of eco-creativity, naturally

milan2 milan2

It isn’t just something we adhere to at ESKA; it’s our whole way of life.

It’s been ESKA’s ethos since our very beginning, more than 100 years ago.

Perhaps that’s why we’re the first premium cardboard company – on the planet – to be awarded B-Corp certification status.

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Sustainability is our middle name, naturally.


ESKA-Tableau Bcorp-2200×1630 ESKA-Tableau Bcorp-2200×1630

We’ve been recycling for a century, on the decarbonisation road for 3 decades, always thinking of ways to present eco-packaging to big brands and industry giants while never, ever compromising on quality or creativity.

And that, makes us the perfect pick for your next packaging project.

See even more in Monaco, at our ESKA stand at Hall Ravel, Booth RA06 or visit

ESKA. Architects of Identity Materials since 1879

And now, the onus is you, naturally of course…


23 Jun 2021
Visuel BCORP – 1-03

Board with a capital B-Corp

22 Mar 2021

Why ESKA Colours mean more

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