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Eska® jeans

Eco-responsible100% circular

High Rigidity Lays flat, stays flat Luxury packaging Recycled fibres

Made from recycled denim fibres. Yes, you read that correctly.

We make our ESKA JEANS solid board from recycled denim. We’re hugely proud of this eco-friendly innovation. Reinforcing the message that sustainability is indeed in our ‘jeans’.

Eco-responsible and 100% circular

Environmentally friendly, innovative, unique and customisable, with infinite combinations of colours and textures, hardwearing and durable, Eska Jeans is always, always in fashion.

It lays flat and stays flat.

And pushes every boundary in terms of what’s possible.

FeaturedRectangles1168_0008_ESKA JEANS GP

Perfect for the luxury industry.

ESKA JEANS, our new innovative and eco-friendly solid board, made from recycled jeans fibres. It is unique and customizable due to potential variations in the supply that result in infinite combinations of colours and textures.
  • Sustainable
  • Luxury Feel
  • Customisable

AwardsEska Shines at Luxe Pack 2019

Luxe Pack visitors in Monaco discovered the 100% sustainable Eska Jeans.

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MarginSamples_0007_FullBoardPatches__0002_FeaturedRectangles1168_0015_ESKA COLOR rvb
MarginSamples_0005_FullBoardPatches__0004_FeaturedRectangles1168_0011_ESKA FROG COVER rvb
MarginSamples_0000_FullBoardPatches__0009_FeaturedRectangles1168_0003_ESKA PUZZLE rvb
MarginSamples_0006_FullBoardPatches__0003_FeaturedRectangles1168_0013_ESKA DUO WHITE rvb
MarginSamples_0003_FullBoardPatches__0006_FeaturedRectangles1168_0007_ESKA MONO BLACK rvb
BlackBlack_0001_Layer 1
MarginSamples_0008_FullBoardPatches__0001_FeaturedRectangles1168_0017_ESKA BOARD rvb
MarginSamples_0002_FullBoardPatches__0007_FeaturedRectangles1168_0005_ESKA MONO WHITE rvb
MarginSamples_0001_FullBoardPatches__0008_FeaturedRectangles1168_0001_ESKA WHITE rvb

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FSC® mix 100% DNV-COC-002632
Green Award Luxe Pack Special Edition


Sheet sizes on request

Available sizes: 670 x 960 mm and 700 x 1000 mm


less than 1.5 mm: ± 0.05 mm (pallet average)

more or equal to 1.5 mm: ± 3% (pallet average)

Technical specifications

Caliper ISO 534 Grammage ISO 536 Dynamic stiffness ISO 5629 Bursting Strength ISO 2759 COBB60 ISO 535
mm g/m2 MDmNm CDmNm kPaTop kPaBottom g/m²/60secMax top g/m²/60secMax bottom
1.50 975 560 315 1075 1015 25 25
2.30 1555 2340 1210 1990 1920 25 25

Jeans fiber content: 15% min

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