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ESKA JEANS nominated for the luxe pack in green award at Monaco

In order to respond to the new environmental issues of the luxury sector, brands are moving towards a circular economy approach and seek to contribute to the preservation of the planet’s natural resources. For 140 years, ESKA has always placed sustainability at the heart of its DNA. As a true ecological ally of brands, ESKA has created ESKA JEANS, a new eco-responsible solidboard, 100% circular, unique and innovative, made from recycled denim fibres.

ESKA JEANS is thus composed of a mixture of natural and recycled materials. Its jeans fibres are made from post-consumer clothing and textile waste from manufacturers.
They contain about 60% cotton fibres and 40% wool fibres.

Only the smallest fibres are used and mixed to ESKA board pulp to create ESKA JEANS.

ESKA JEANS’ colour and texture vary according to the fibres used, making it possible to adapt it to the needs of each brand infinitely: packaging, brochures, business cards, book covers, etc

ESKA can also respond to tailor-made projects.

eskajeansaward eskajeansaward

By Sophie Greff,ESKA Marketing Manager

2nd September 2019

24 Jan 2019
CORR_panneau 8

Eska Shines at Luxe Pack 2019

CORR_RECTANGLE Louis Vuitton 2000px

Luxury will be key for ESKA in the years to come

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