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Solve your runnability puzzle

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We love a good puzzle.

So when faced with a problem from a manufacturer in the games industry, we were all over it.

The problem: Our customer had been making jigsaws and games boxes from a 1-layer, 1mm thick solid board sourced from another supplier. The board was not stiff enough, flat enough or stable enough and complaints poured in.

Our solution: Our specialists set to work. They’d been experimenting with a 1mm thick no caliper 1mm 3-layer board. The triple technique reinforces rigidity, stability and durability, delivering the now famous LAY FLAT, STAY FLAT quality.

Originally designed to comply with book market requirements, it soon became clear that the 1mm, 3-layer solid board of Eska frogcover board was the answer to the jigsaw puzzle problem too.

Increased runnability, increased profits

Our high-quality, 3-layer Eska frogcover board was an instant hit with the jigsaws and games industry. Extremely easy to process, it increased runnability by 17%, and increased profits too.

Puzzle. Solved.

How do you increase runnability by 17%?

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