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Eska Board pink and orange

The new colours of our solid coloured board presented in the Eska Gallery were a great success with all our visitors to LuxePack Monaco.

RED, PINK, ORANGE, WHITE! Thanks to these bright and intense colours, our solid tinted board does not have white borders at the edges, and offers each packaging a maximum visual impact and perfect finishes. We know that luxury is a question of detail and that packing gives brands a texture identity.

Presenting numerous printing, cutting and finishing possibilities, our cardboard can be customized according to your projects and creativity. The sky is the limit!

Totally sustainable, this high-quality 3-layer cardboard is manufactured according to our unique production process using recycled paper. With Eska, luxury meets sustainability easily.

Thanks to our partner ISEM who appreciated the quality of our cardboard and made with his exceptional know-how magnificent packaging presented in our Eska Gallery.

We know that luxury is a question of detail.

FeaturedSquares_0084_CADRE 3_2018 FeaturedSquares_0084_CADRE 3_2018

By Sophie Greff,Marketing Manager

4th September 2019

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