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Eska® pure

Naturaland premium

100% Recyclable Fibre 100% Recycled Lays flat, stays flat Luxury packaging Three layers

A coloured premium solid board made from 100% recycled fibres.

ESKA’s new Pure Collection is uniquely untainted, unspoiled and largely unrivalled in the premium-packaging playground. Soft to the touch, slightly textured and naturally, aesthetically beautiful, ESKA PURE is the one you’ve been waiting for.

Eska® pure, the natural combination of a unique material and colour identity for creative and sustainable brands.


Premium packaging in its purest form

Our premium coloured solid board screams opulence, quality and sustainability. Already considered a classic, it comes in timeless, subtle colours; ivory, grey, black, green and anthracite – all with exposed fibres adding to the natural character, so it looks good and feels great.
  • Luxury packaging
  • Hardcover books
  • Perfumes
  • Champagne
  • Jewellery
  • Fashion
  • Personal Care

Pure Innovation— Pure Luxury

Part of the beauty of ESKA PURE is the fact that it can be directly printed on. And that’s simply sublime. There’s no need for cover paper, so it’s perfect for paperless packaging and a prime candidate for razor sharp 90-degree angles boxes.

Talk about cutting edge!

Never average

Perfumes or champagne, jewellery or fashion, cosmetic or personal care, our ESKA PURE packaging wraps around your product in a perfectly formed hug, presenting it to the world with conscience, commitment and not forgetting exquisite taste.


It’s care, creativity and luxury, all boxed up.

MarginSamples_0001_FullBoardPatches__0008_FeaturedRectangles1168_0001_ESKA WHITE rvb
MarginSamples_0004_FullBoardPatches__0005_FeaturedRectangles1168_0009_ESKA JEANS rvb
MarginSamples_0007_FullBoardPatches__0002_FeaturedRectangles1168_0015_ESKA COLOR rvb
MarginSamples_0005_FullBoardPatches__0004_FeaturedRectangles1168_0011_ESKA FROG COVER rvb
MarginSamples_0000_FullBoardPatches__0009_FeaturedRectangles1168_0003_ESKA PUZZLE rvb
MarginSamples_0006_FullBoardPatches__0003_FeaturedRectangles1168_0013_ESKA DUO WHITE rvb
MarginSamples_0003_FullBoardPatches__0006_FeaturedRectangles1168_0007_ESKA MONO BLACK rvb
BlackBlack_0001_Layer 1
MarginSamples_0008_FullBoardPatches__0001_FeaturedRectangles1168_0017_ESKA BOARD rvb
MarginSamples_0002_FullBoardPatches__0007_FeaturedRectangles1168_0005_ESKA MONO WHITE rvb

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FSC® recycled 100% DNV-COC-002632
  • 100% recycled
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% circular
Eska®pure is the pinnacle of environmentally friendly packaging brought to you by the original authors of responsible resourcing. Exceed clients’ high expectations for responsibly sourced packaging while meeting strict industry standards for exceptional creativity and uncompromising quality.


Large sheets are available in any size from 500 x 500 mm to 1200 x 1600 mm

Rotary cut sizes are available in any size from 100 x 150 mm to 480 x 1360 mm

Die cut sizes are available in any size from 100 x 150 mm to 720 x 1050 mm


See table below for details

Technical specifications

Product Caliper According to ISO 534 Grammage According to ISO 536 Dynamic stiffness According to ISO 5629 COBB60 According to ISO 535
mm g/m2 MDmNm CDmNm g/m²/60secMax top g/m²/60secMax bottom
Ivory, Grey, Green 1.00 615 325 200 50 50
1.50 850 870 495 50 50
2.00 1080 1750 935 50 50
Anthracite 1.00 730 335 220 50 50
1.50 1050 920 490 50 50
2.00 1380 1850 1020 50 50
Black 1.00 730 370 180 50 50
1.50 1050 1070 500 50 50
2.00 1380 2350 1050 50 50

Specifications Unit Tolerances Tests Method
Caliper See above mm < 1.5 mm ± 0.05 mm (pallet average) ISO 534
≥ 1.5 mm ± 3% (pallet average)
Size mm Sheets ± 1 mm
Rotary Cut ± 0.25 mm
Die cut ± 0.2 mm
Flatness 0 % Convex CD max. 1.5% Eska
MD max. 1.0%
Concave CD max. 1.0%
MD max. 1.0%
S-Shape CD - sheets < 1 m. max. 3 mm
CD - sheets ≥ 1 m. max. 5 mm
MD max. 3 mm
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