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Premium packaging in its purest form: That’s pure Eska


Discover PURE joy at Milano Packaging Premiere, 16-18 May 2023

For at ESKA, we’ve done it again. We’ve surpassed all expectations. Reached new sustainable heights. And developed a high-end 100% recycled premium board.

Proving that one can very much have their luxury eco-friendly cake, and eat it.

Introducing ESKA PURE: The pinnacle of environmentally friendly packaging brought to you by the original authors of responsible resourcing.

ESKA’s new Pure Collection is uniquely untainted, unspoiled and largely unrivalled in the premium-packaging playground.

Let us unpack why…


ESKA is renowned for ticking every box when it comes to quality. And our new Pure Collection is no different.

Soft to the touch, slightly textured and naturally, aesthetically beautiful, ESKA PURE is the one you’ve been waiting for.

It’s where you can exceed clients’ high expectations for responsibly sourced packaging while meeting strict industry standards for exceptional creativity and uncompromising quality.

square3 ESKA_COM_1440X744-05

Going in circle is the new way!


Being the first premium board company to be awarded the prestigious B Corp certification is not just an award recognizing our efforts for our approach, but above all a reminder that we must keep going – in circle – to go further, together.

square2 ESKA_COM_1440X744-01

ESKA PURE: Never average

Raw, natural, beautiful and made from 100% recycled fibres: it’s the natural choice for eco-lovers of luxury.

Our premium coloured solid board screams opulence, quality and sustainability. Already considered a classic, it comes in timeless, subtle colours; ivory, grey, black, green and anthracite – all with exposed fibres adding to the natural character, so it looks good and feels great.

A responsible, robust, revolutionary creative solution: Try us, we’re ready!

square1 ESKA_COM_1440X744-02


Part of the beauty of ESKA PURE is the fact that it can be directly printed on. And that’s simply sublime. There’s no need for cover paper, so it’s perfect for paperless packaging and a prime candidate for razor sharp 90-degree angles boxes.


Talk about cutting edge!

square7 ESKA_COM_1440X744-04


Perfumes or champagne, jewellery or fashion, cosmetic or personal care, our ESKA PURE packaging wraps around your product in a perfectly formed hug, presenting it to the world with conscience, commitment and not forgetting exquisite taste.

It’s care, creativity and luxury, all boxed up.

square5 ESKA_COM_1440X744-06


We wrote the book on sustainable packaging, experimenting with recycling natural fibres as far back as 1934. It’s always been our thing.

We’re now world leaders in the eco-lux market with our premium quality, three-layered cardboard, made from 100% recyclable fibres.

Absolutely nothing goes to waste.

We’ve been architects of identity materials since 1879, shaping the future of packaging with high quality sustainable solutions for 144 years!

We’re 100% committed to a zero-waste target, using only recycled materials, processes and waste reduction techniques. Our efficiency rate currently sits at 95% with the remaining 5% transformed to green energy to power production.

So every hue is doing some good.


Pure Vision

And while we do our best for the planet, we continue to pioneer the ever-demanding luxury market; innovating, inspiring and fulfilling the impossible for brands, designers and producers.


It’s what we do. It’s what we excel at.


We’re ESKA. Pure and simple.

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