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Premium packaging in its purest form: That’s pure Eska


Discover Pure sustainable luxury
at Luxe Pack Monaco, 2-4 October 2023

ESKA excels. Again.

We’ve listened and surpassed all client expectations.
By reaching ever greater sustainable heights with our 100% natural recycled premium board

Meet ESKA PURE: Pure Sustainability

Raw, authentic, real and made from 100% recycled fibres:
ESKA PURE is the natural choice for eco-lovers of luxury.

Our mass-coloured premium solid board screams opulence, quality, and sustainability. Available in timeless, subtle colours like ivory, grey, black, green and anthracite – all with natural exposed fibres – it’s soft to touch, slightly textured and stunningly elegant.

Over 140 years of passion and dedication is poured into ethical and recyclable packaging solutions, culminating in our purist creation yet:
ESKA PURE, from the original authors of responsible resourcing.

Proving beyond doubt, that one can cleverly combine superior luxury with complete sustainability.

Ticking even more eco-boxes:

  • Over 140 years of recycling materials
  • Over 30 years of decarbonisation
  • B-Corp certified status
  • Pure creative packaging solutions
square7 ESKA_COM_1440X744-04

‘B’ Pure


We’re super proud to be the first premium board company to be awarded the prestigious B-Corp certification: recognition for our unwavering efforts, and a huge reminder that there’s more to do, together, for our beautiful planet.

square5 ESKA_COM_1440X744-06

Pure Single Material

What’s more, you can print directly onto the board for infinite creative possibilities, minimal resources.

No need for cover paper. Guaranteed razor-sharp 90-degree angles.
It’s perfectly placed for creating the purest packaging with a modern, single and exquisite material to protect and promote products.

square6 ESKA_COM_1440X744-03

Pure Luxury

Perfumes or champagne, jewellery or textiles, cosmetics or personal care,
ESKA PURE board envelops your product with a perfectly formed hug, presenting it to the world with conscience, commitment, and always exquisite taste.

It’s care, creativity, and luxury, all boxed up.

EskaBullandfrog ESKA_COM_1440X744-02

Pure Responsibility

Solid board is by far the next big thing in premium packaging, fitting squarely into the circular economy.

Our boards are, on an overall average level, made from more than 90% recycled paper waste. And now, our ESKA Pure range goes one (or ten) better: at a superb 100% using FSC PEFC recycled fibres.

That’s totally circular, totally cool!

square3 ESKA_COM_1440X744-05

Purely Recyclable

We believe that solid board is clearly a material of the future, and that it fits in perfectly with the circular economy. Solid board is a noble, pure, and ecological material.

Eska develops recycled and recyclable packaging solutions which corresponds perfectly to the quality and creative criteria of luxury while being totally circular.

We’ve been experimenting with recycling natural paper fibres as far back as 1934. And as architects of identity materials since 1879, we’ve been shaping the future of packaging with quality, sustainable solutions for 144 years!

We’re 100% committed to a zero-waste target, using only recycled materials, processes and waste reduction techniques. Our efficiency rate currently sits at 95% with the remaining 5% transformed to green energy to power production.

It’s our ultimate goal that nothing ever goes to waste.


Pure Vision

We’ll continue to do our best for the planet and continue to lead the luxury packaging market: innovating, inspiring and fulfilling the impossible for designers, producers, and brands.

It’s what we do. It’s what we excel at.


We’re ESKA. Pure. Simple. Circular.

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